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Luxury Automotive Drive Experience

Nationwide drive experience tour

Luxury Automotive Drive Experience

Experiencing European luxury at full speed


The Challenge

Create a series of high-end, meticulously planned drive experience events for key customers.

The Campaign Objectives

To produce an experiential drive day tour to provide existing owners the opportunity to get up close with new models under the guidance of professional drivers.

Create opportunities for the sales and marketing teams to interact with target audiences when they are most engaged.

Experience Instructors demonstrate how to unlock each vehicles’ potential, better understand capabilities and educate each vehicles unique features.

The Target Audiences

Existing luxury vehicle owners.

The Solution

A series of 18 events at raceways across 5 states in Australia with a custom-designed Experience Lounge inspired by minimalistic, high end dealerships; set up in pit lane garages transported to each location.

The Results

18 events across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA.

360 guest with direct contact to sales and marketing teams.

90 minutes driving per guest.

80 minutes workshop time per guest.

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