Airbnb x Sydney Swans | New Breed Experience
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Airbnb x Sydney Swans

Sydney Cricket Ground

Airbnb x Sydney Swans

Sydney Cricket Ground get’s an Airbnb makeover


The Challenge

Working with our friends at Our Friends Electric, New Breed were briefed to transform a suite at the Sydney Cricket Ground into a Swans themed apartment to host guests overnight for the first time ever, the night before the Swans v GWS Giants game.

The Campaign Objective

Create key spaces in the apartment including a dining area, living area, parents sleeping area and kids space in the Swans colour pallete.

The Target Audiences

Swans fans, predominantly families.

The Solution

New Breed designed and styled the space within a 3 day turnaround from brief to implementation.

The Results

Multiple press features, live cross on Sunrise, successful competition prize fulfilment, VIP hosting during match.


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